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Regional sites

Project arti posti, in each region of its zone of interests, passes linguistic and contextual adaptation. Choose a resource close to you in language or by position.

Find secret web page of your Gift

Most of our products contain brand plaque with unique product ID and QR code, both lead to secret web page with an extra multimedia information related to particular product. You can scan QR code for direct access or find the page here by 9-digit product ID.



Below you will find real photos of our clients' greeting cards and other gifts

The Project


Original printed gifts created on the basis of professional artworks and branded content.


High quality and convenient service of creating stylish and individual printed products on paper, textile and other media considering the traditions and mentality of each country within our target area. Involving brands into the personalization business.

Target area

Eastern Europe, The Baltic States, Russia and Ex-USSR countries.


We continuously develop and improve our platform, making it even more intuitively understandable and functional. We improve the existing and develop new ways for B2B partnership, logistics and order delivery.

We actively cooperate with artists-illustrators and develop our own artworks collection. Our artists characterize with their own distinguished and memorable style, they have potential to become famous in the future.

We plan to master new materials: textile, magnets and ceramics.

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